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Will FIFA 23 have World Cup mode? Women’s World Cup, Ultimate Team content, more

FIFA 23 is almost here, and fans are wondering if the game will have World Cup content. We’ve got all the details right here.



FIFA 23 World Cup content

FIFA 23 is fast approaching, and fans will be wondering if World Cup mode will be making a return. We’ve got all the details on the World Cup and Women’s World Cup in FIFA 23.

In case you missed it, EA Sports and FIFA decided to end their nearly thirty-year partnership, which will bring an end to the FIFA video game franchise as you know it. Instead, EA will use their impressive football licenses to rebrand the franchise as EA Sports FC.

Despite the announcement of a new plan and direction, FIFA 23 will be the final game that EA and FIFA will release in collaboration. As a result of the recent news and given that a FIFA World Cup will take place in 2022, many are wondering if FIFA 23 will have a World Cup mode.

EA usually releases in-game World Cup content that highlights the teams and players at the iconic tournament, and we’ll let you know if FIFA 23 will follow suit.

FIFA 23 World Cup mode

In a blog post announcing their plans for the future, EA confirmed that FIFA 23 will have World Cup content. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the long-term future of the franchise, players can rest easy at the moment as they’ll get their hands on World Cup content in FIFA 23.

EA may be heading in a new direction with EA Sports FC, but it seems like they intend to send the FIFA series off with a bang in the fall of 2022. “We are committed to ensuring the next FIFA is our best ever, with more features, game modes, World Cup content, clubs, leagues, competitions, and players than any FIFA title before,” said the announcement.

When FIFA 23 was officially revealed announced, EA announced that the World Cup would come as a free “post-launch content update.”

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is one of the most unique events in football history as it will take place in the winter as opposed to the summer. So, although there is no release date as of yet, we can expect to see the content before the tournament kicks off on November 21, 2022.

FIFA 23 Women’s World Cup

For the very first time in the series, FIFA 23 will feature the Women’s World Cup. The tournament takes place in Australia and New Zealand in 2023, and players will be able to experience the whole completion in-game with licensed teams, kits, and standings.

Similar to the men’s competition, the Women’s World Cup will arrive as a free update after FIFA 23’s release. However, since the real-life event doesn’t begin until July 2023, we likely won’t see it until late into the game’s lifecycle.

Ultimate Team World Cup content in FIFA 23

As of right now, there’s no telling whether or how big a role the World Cup will play in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. We know that World Cup versions of FUT Heroes will be arriving as a pre-order bonus, but these are the only confirmed features so far.

In FIFA 18, Ultimate Team underwent a World Cup makeover and players could open packs with themed items. If EA follow the same format, FUT users can expect new versions of players inspired by the 2022 tournament in Qatar to build out their team.

We’ll keep you posted about possible World Cup content in FIFA 23’s game modes as more news comes to light.

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Image Credit: EA Sports / FIFA