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Overwatch 2

Will Overwatch 2 be cross-platform?

With the gaming industry turning to cross-platform play, will Blizzard follow the trend with the release of Overwatch 2?



With the evolution of online gaming and cross-platform play, more and more games are jumping on the newest trend. Will Overwatch 2 be part of this cross-platform revolution?

Cross-platform play is a huge part of the gaming ecosystem since it first appeared in titles like Fortnite and Rocket League. Since the huge successes of these systems, it has appeared in more titles like Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and Rogue Company.

For a large game audience like Overwatch, crossplay seems to be the next logical step for the community and brand.

What is crossplay?

Crossplay is a system that connects players in a game, regardless of platform. PC users can play with console, and console players are free to play with PC players and members of another console platform. (Nintendo Switch with Xbox, PlayStation with PC, etc.)

With crossplay comes a few issues, most notably input advantages. In a competitive setting, it is widely accepted that mouse and keyboard players have more precision against a player on a controller. Depending on how a game’s crossplay is configured, it may filter players depending on which input device they use, or which platform they are on.

For example, Apex Legends allows console players to play against one another (PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox), where PC players are stuck against other PC players unless a console player joins their game. When this happens, the console player will play in a PC lobby.

Other games utilize input-based-matchmaking, where keyboard and mouse players are placed against other keyboard and mouse players, and the same applies to controller players. For a game like Overwatch, this may be the most lucrative option.

Will Overwatch 2 have crossplay?

Currently, there’s no information regarding crossplay in the game, aside from Overwatch Vice President Jeff Kaplan stating that crossplay is something the team is passionate about and exploring.

Unfortunately, this means we’ll have to wait for more information regarding the game to know for sure if we’ll have crossplay in the next hit Overwatch title.


How to play the Overwatch 2 beta: Release date, platforms, sign up

As Overwatch 2 gets set to build a new era of the shooter, here’s all the info about the beta including release date info and how to sign up.



Overwatch 2 PVP beta

Overwatch fans won’t have to wait much longer to get their hands on new content as the devs announced the Overwatch 2 beta. Here’s the release info as well as how to sign up.

Fans of the Overwatch franchise have been looking forward to Overwatch 2 for a few years now. Luckily, these fans will soon have some brand-new content to dissect and discover as Overwatch 2 is set to release on October 4, 2022.

Although there’s still a lot to learn about Overwatch 2, a community update on March 10 shared some key details about what players could expect. In addition, the devs stated that they are accepting sign-ups for the Overwatch 2 beta, and here’s everything you need to know about enrollment, release date, and gameplay features.

Overwatch 2 push mode

Overwatch 2 beta release date

The Overwatch 2 PVP beta will be available to players on June 28. Of course, this only applies to players who are granted access to the beta via signing up.

Overwatch 2 is set to launch on October 4, 2022, so this beta gives the devs ample time to make the changes needed in order for the game’s launch to go as smoothly as possible.

How to sign up to Overwatch 2 beta

According to Overwatch’s official Twitter account, “Sign-Ups & more details” are coming on June 16.

For the previous Overwatch 2 beta, all players needed to do was sign up by following these simple steps:

  1. Make your way to the beta section of the Overwatch webpage.
  2. Select the Opt-in option on the webpage which will take you to the Sign-up instructions.
  3. Log in through your account.
  4. Once signed in, follow the instructions on the screen to sign up to the beta.

Although it’s not confirmed, this may be similar to the sign-up for the June 28 beta.

Overwatch 2 beta platforms

Overwatch 2 beta opt-in screen

The Overwatch 2 beta will be available on both PC and console for the following platforms:

  • Xbox consoles
  • PlayStation consoles

Overwatch 2 beta gameplay & new features

overwatch 2 junker queen

Perhaps Overwatch 2’s biggest change is the shift from 6-vs-6 gameplay to 5-vs-5. The game will certainly feel different for most players and the new maps available during the beta should also add to the fresh feeling.

The April 26 closed beta allowed players to get their first look at hero Sojourn. Now, the June 28 Overwatch 2 beta will bring a brand-new hero called Junker Queen, as well as a new map.

Players will also be able to test out the new Push mode. This new Overwatch mode will consist of teams competing to move a barricade into their enemy’s base in a tug-of-war fashion.

For more gaming news, check out the Fall Guys x Halo crossover.

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

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Blizzard Chief Legal Officer resigns as Activision Blizzard lawsuit controversy continues

Turmoil at Activision Blizzard continues as new investigations & details surface on the harassment lawsuit.



The turmoil over the lawsuit for Activision Blizzard continues as a high profile executive of the company has announced their departure.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Chief Legal Officer, Claire Hart, has shared on her LinkedIn that she’s left the company on Friday, September 17.

Hart said in her message on LinkedIn that “the past three years have been full of unexpected twists and turns, but I feel honored to have worked with and met so many great people at Blizzard and across the Activision Blizzard businesses.”

She did not comment on whether her departure was related to what was happening at the company currently. Activision Blizzard also declined to comment beyond confirming her departure.

The news of her departure comes as this week the company confirmed new investigations by the SEC over the company’s handling of the lawsuit scandal.

This week, the situation heated up as Activision Blizzard is now under investigation by the SEC for potentially misleading investors over the brevity of the lawsuit and harassment that occurred at the company.

Activision Blizzard confirmed that they are cooperating with the SEC as part of their investigation into the company.

The lawsuit from California State, which surfaced in July, primarily focused on Blizzard Entertainment’s harassment and scandal issues, including sexual harassment, inequality amongst staff pay, and more issues.

Blizzard’s President of J. Allen Brack was the first executive to leave the company, resigning at the end of July. He was replaced by Mike Ybarra and Jen Oneal as the new co-leaders of Blizzard Entertainment.

So far, Activision Blizzard has refused to met employee’s demands to chart a better future for the company. An employee group, A Better ABK, has been formed to provide their feedback to the executive team.

In other news in regards to Blizzard, the Executive Producer of Overwatch 2 is departing Blizzard this week.

Chacko Sonny, who was highly respected at Blizzard and seen as the person to chart Overwatch’s future following Jeff Kaplan’s departure, told staff in an email that he’s leaving, per Bloomberg. Sonny was perviously one the masterminds behind Call of Duty ELITE service back in 2011.

We’ll continue to update as the situation unfolds.

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Everything we know about Overwatch 2: Release date, maps, heroes & more

Blizzard Entertainment have revealed some new Overwatch 2 details, including brand new missions and campaign mode.



Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch 2

Overwatch fans have been eager to hear news about the highly-anticipated Overwatch 2. Here’s everything that Blizzard has announced about the upcoming sequel.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch became a resounding success after its release in 2016. The hero-shooter title has become a massive esport and has achieved cult status in pop culture due to its memorable collection of characters.

Now, the developers are focusing their efforts on the upcoming, highly-anticipated sequel. They’ve promised brand new characters, multiplayer modes, cosmetics, and skills for classic characters.

BlizzCon 2021 has given us some new information about the title. Here’s everything we know so far.

Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch 2

When will Overwatch 2 release?

Ever since the follow-up was announced at BlizzCon 2019, details about the project’s arrival have been unclear. Game Director Jeff Kaplan did hint that we would learn more about the game’s release in a developer update.

Thanks to the Blizzard Q4 2020 earnings call, we’ve learned a bit about what we can and can’t expect from Overwatch 2. According to Blizzard, the game will not be released in 2021. The current climate, production on multiple games, and trying to make Overwatch 2 perfect will likely have caused the delay.

While BlizzCon didn’t give us news on a release date or when the beta test will launch, there is a wide assortment of other exciting content that has been revealed.

Campaign Details

In addition to another well-designed mass of multiplayer mayhem, Overwatch 2 is also set to feature PvE content for the first time in the form of a brand new campaign mode, and we now have the official plot details.

Many characters in the first game’s roster will have to reunite in order to uncover the truth behind another Omnic uprising. The missions will have cinematics, along with gameplay and musical themes for each hero and location.

The campaign will take you to a several giant maps complete that come with their own unique environments, enemies and NPCs.

Hero Progression in Overwatch 2

The brand new PVE modes will also contain a hero progression system, which contains multiple talent trees for you to pick from. Each one of these suits a different build, and has seven tiers that can be unlocked with skill points.

For example, Reinhardt has three different talent trees known as Crusader, Guardian, and Juggernaut. These will also include some new abilities, such as Reinhardt being able to pin multiple enemies at once.

Overwatch 2 Hero progression in BlizzCon

New Enemies

Blizzard showed off the opponents you will face in Overwatch 2’s PvE mode back in the 2019 teaser trailer. While they weren’t all that impressive initially, we’ve seen them go through many changes since then.

They appear to be much more reactive to gunfire and damage, so they will shift their attack plan accordingly, making them less predictable. A few enemies will also have obvious weaknesses that you can exploit, while others will require more effort.

You will also encounter some elite enemies that have increased strength and damage. These special opponents will also behave and react differently than regular ones, so you can expect a real battle.

New Overwatch 2 Maps: Rome & New York

Overwatch 2 is set to include two new maps. One is New York City, which consists of several large buildings such as Grand Central Station, pizza shops, and cafes. This area will also have a futuristic vibe to it.

The other new map is Rome, which combines old-world architecture like The Colosseum with modern structures such as a football stadium. We don’t know yet which mode they will be included in, so we hope that Blizzard will give out some more information soon.

Rome in Overwatch 2

New Hero Looks in Overwatch 2

Overwatch fans have been expecting to see some brand new Hero looks in the sequel, and we knew that there would be improvements to Genji, Lucio, Mai, Mercy, Reinhardt, Tracer, and Winston. However, BlizzCon 2021 revealed even more changes to other characters as well.

It turns out that McCree, Pharah, Reaper, and Widowmaker are getting brand new hero textures, along with redesigned faces will that will appear more expressive. The latter was probably a decision that was based around the game’s new campaign mode, which includes cutscenes.

Overwatch 2 new hero looks

PvP Changes in Overwatch 2

In addition to the new PvE content, Overwatch 2 will also bring a plethora of PvP changes. Here are all the ones that have been revealed so far:

  • Sojourn will have a rail gun to “rip through” enemies
  • The new PvP will take inspiration from the current structure, but the developers are experimenting with some major changes
  • New Passive abilities known as “role passives” are being tested out, and these will affect all characters in a role
  • Tank characters could be altered for effectiveness in close-ranged combat
  • A select group of devs has been tasked with polishing the combat
  • Melee attacks will have improved animations and sound effects
  • Weapons will have altered sounds

Jeff Kaplan has also confirmed that Blizzard plan to cut 2CP mode from competitive mode rotations. We might not even see it in the sequel at all outside of Arcade.

Hero Missions

The sequel will also introduce a brand new co-op PvP mode known as Hero Missions. These will be geared towards Overwatch fans who are looking for a good alternative to competitive play.

The developers intend to make more than a hundred missions, which they claim can be played “night after night” without feeling repetitive. Players can select any hero on the roster, and the missions will take place on all of the existing maps. Some will even include some additional areas.

Overwatch 2 Hero Missions

That covers everything we know about Overwatch 2 so far. There is still a ton of information that has yet to be revealed by the devs, but the game already sounds incredibly exciting due to all the new content that they have planned.

We’ll keep checking for any new announcements Blizzard Entertainment, and we’ll let you know as soon as we learn something else.

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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