Call of Duty: Ghosts takes the critically-acclaimed franchise into the next generation. New world. New story. New, next-gen engine.



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  • Running on a brand new, next-generation Call of Duty engine.
  • Ghosts delivers an all-new story, all-new characters, and an all-new Call of Duty world.
  • There’s a cast of characters that “you will feel emotionally attached too”
  • Story begins with a mass event – America’s crippled – government’s in disarray, military forces crippled
  • We, as players, fight back against the superior forces
  • Ghosts are a super elite fighting force
  • Addition to squad: Dogs – it’s a squad member; you care about the dog’s actions;

New Engine Features:

  • Next-generation weapons, never seen before in Call of Duty game
  • Running quickly – hit a wall – get a “boom” effect before jumping over it. Animation of jumping over it is also brand new
  • Brand new ‘lean’ feature – can lean out and see what’s happening
  • New sliding feature
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Interactive smoke
  • New AI system – fish move out of the way when you go close to them
  • Brand new lighting tech – “level makes you feel like you are there”


  • Revamped Multiplayer completely
  • Dynamic Maps (earth quakes, flooding, player driven actions, doors, explosive traps)
  • Character Customization – choose heads, bodies, helmet, and gear


  • Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC launches first on Xbox LIVE 
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