Why should you care? Theres a good chance the next Call of Duty could be revealed at the Microsoft event. Which is why we might be covering a bit more next-gen console news as it relates to a possible Call of Duty announcement.

Today’s latest rumor comes from CVG as they are reporting that a large number of developers and industry professionals (some that are Sony) are saying the Microsoft will reveal it’s next generation Xbox for the first time in April.

One Sony official was even quoted in saying “…at first [we] caught Microsoft off-guard..We definitely ruffled some feathers.” CVG is also reporting that Microsoft Engineers are expected to discuss future tech prior to the event at GDC on March 25th

Also, Microsoft’s ad agency “US Techs”, which helped produce Microsoft’s E3 2012 press conference, has just registered the domain XboxEvent.com earlier today.

Call of Duty has always been center stage at Microsoft’s Xbox events. The timing would be perfect to reveal the Next-generation of Call of Duty seeing as how Black Ops 2 was also revealed in April. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more…

UPDATE: Photo from Neogaf. More proof here.


SOURCE: CVG Via @boyle111

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