Eurogamer is reporting that the Xbox One footage shown in the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare trailer was running at a native 900p resolution. If true, this is quite a significant jump from last year’s Call of Duty Ghosts which was 720p native upscaled to 1080p on Xbox One. For comparison, Battlefield 4 on PS4 was 900p upscaled while the Xbox One version was 720p, and it’s our opinion (having owned both versions) is that theres a significant difference between 720p and 900p native resolutions.

The question is to what extent Sledgehammer has managed to extract more performance from the Microsoft hardware – our initial impressions based on the overall presentation suggested something close to 900p…

…A Kevin Spacey cut-scene towards the end of the video gives us our long vertical edge – used for ascertaining horizontal resolution. Here we find a ratio of 49/60 – giving us a provisional measurement of 1568 rendered pixels contained in the 1920-wide sample. Assuming that the upscale is the same in both x and y directions, this gives us 882 pixels on the vertical – unfortunately even the higher quality trailer doesn’t give us enough in the way of long horizontal edges to work with in producing a definitive result, and in an ideal world we’d have more viable shots for analysis on both axis.

We’ll update should more media becoming available, but we’ll go with a ballpark 1568×882 for now. The game gives the impression of a 900p title with post-process anti-aliasing, but the framebuffer appears to be slightly lower than that, representing a 50 per cent boost in overall resolution compared to Ghosts, but only 67 per cent of the pixel density of a full 1080p presentation. Bearing in mind that Xbox One optimisations tend to carry across to PS4 with its larger GPU and fully unified RAM, a native 1080p resolution for that version of the game isn’t out of the question. However, we should remember that Advanced Warfare is still deep in development and could see substantial changes before it is released – though for a game like COD where a sustained 60fps is so important, we would hope for solid frame-rates taking priority over resolution increases.

SOURCE: Eurogamer

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