During today’s episode of Inside Xbox, Microsoft officially announced the rumored All Digital Edition of the Xbox One S. This is the very first Xbox console to launch without a disc tray.

The new Xbox One S All Digital Edition lacks a disc tray, and only allows fully digital games to work on the platform. It’s compatible with all Xbox One games purchasable via the Xbox Store on the console. It includes a 1TB hardware.


The new version of Xbox One S will be available starting May 7 for $249. Microsoft says they will maintain a $50 difference between the Xbox One S and Xbox One S All Digital Edition, even during sales, so the price may go further down as time goes on. The bundle includes three Xbox games, including Minecraft, Forza Motorsport 3, and Sea of Thieves.

All Xbox One S All Digital Edition owners get Xbox Game Pass for $1 for 3 months.


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