Infinity Ward’s Lead Animator sat down with The Guardian and discussed a little bit about how Ghosts is “the best story that Infinity Ward has ever put out.” For those that don’t know, Zach Volker has been with Infinity Ward since CoD 2. As Mark Rubin also said, they had the opportunity to develop MW4, but didn’t want to do that series again. Volker also said that Activision gave them a lot of freedom in development process:

Activision gave us the freedom to go in any direction we wanted, and we knew we’d be turning our back on a lot of built-in support if we jumped on MW4,” says Volker. “But a lot of the team felt like we’d been with these characters and events for a long time and we really wanted to move on and explore some new stories and characters. That was the driving force behind Ghosts.

Volker also said that it’s difficult to develop for next-gen because as IW’s developing for next-gen, the console manufacturers are also changing the specs of next-gen.


The new tech features we have… you always start out very ambitious on a new project but you have to be doubly ambitious when you have new hardware coming up. The problem is, when you’re working with new hardware, you don’t really know its capabilities, because while you’re developing the game, they’re developing the console in tandem.

SOURCE: Guardian

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