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The Zombies World Championship returns for a second year, taking place August 3-5 at the eSports Arena in Orange County, CA.

The event begins on Friday, August 3 with the Zombies World Invitational featuring some of the biggest Zombies YouTubers competing in a one day tournament. The roster for this invitational features 100T NoahJ, MrTLexify, MrDalekJD TheSmithPlays, PackaPuncher, JCBackFire, GregFPS, Ch0pper, Veskk, QKnightZ, Codenamepizza, ToProForUGames, Kuschel, and FaZe Avery. The event will be live-streamed for fans to watch all of the undead action. The top 8 scores from this invitational will advance to the Zombies World Championship Finals on Sunday, August 5.

The Zombies World Championship 2 World Finals takes place Sunday, August 5 and is hosted by MrRofflWaffles  and Mcsportzhawk. There are two divisions for the event, with one featuring 8 online content creators and the other featuring 8 players that qualified via online tournaments. Each division features $15,000 prize pool for the players to compete for. This event will be live from the esports Arena in Orange County, CA and will be live streamed for viewers around the world to watch.

You can learn more about the event on their website here.

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